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Speaker Evaluation 2

Leadership and Culture


SEMINAR NO. 5  Operations, Startup, Monitoring and Human Resources
LOCATION: Pleasanton, CA
DATE: November 16, 2005
Attendees:  42    Respondents:  31

Rating scale of (5) for the most favorable impression down to (1) for the poorest impression

SESSION: 1   Leadership and Team Culture                                  Bruce Maxwell

Relevant for the Entrepreneur?      4.83
Quality of Presenter Material?        4.76                 
Quality of Presenter?                       4.90

    1. Excellent presentation.
    2. Great content. Soft spoken—hard to hear.
    3. Excellent presentation.
    4. Always a pleasure hearing Bruce’s philosophy.
    5. Great speaker, smooth! Great topics. Convey theme. “Praise” key word.
    6. Good job!
    7. Excellent presentation, but could not hear well, the speaker was soft-spoken.
    8. Wonderful—one of your best.
    9. Exceptional, want to hear him again.
    10. Good information. Should be more lively.
    11. More time for questions and answers.
    12. He is an excellent presenter with good anecdotes.
    13. Time management. Eliminate open questions until presentation is complete.
    14. Great overview. Good examples. Include summaries of “Don’t Do’s”.
    15. Allow more time—give him a whole day.
    16. One of the best presentations on leadership.
    17. Let too many questions slow him down. Solicit questions but limit to 2 and take to end. Felt like I missed something valuable.
    18. Very nice job! Good information and presented very well. Good pace and good examples. A real pleasure—thank you!
    19. Interesting and fun. Thanks for fleshing out the stealth issues.
    20. Volume of microphone.
    21. Excellent.
    22. Excellent presentation. His style really sets the tone.