Maxwell Consulting

Financing for Startups


When I help a client raise debt or equity, I do not operate as a middle man.  I represent you, I am paid by you, and I will typically take a business card as a member of your team.  I don't make a few quick introductions and then ask for a percentage of your deal.  I will do the heavy lifting to make a deal actually happen.  I charge only for the hours I work.

I operate on a basis of trust, honesty, and ethical behavior.  I believe that investors deserve to be told the truth, in good times and bad.  Anything else does a disservice to the whole field of entrepreneurship.  If you are out to make a fast buck and don't care how you do it, don't engage me.  I will be your worst nightmare.

I can't raise money for an idea or a team I don't believe in.  If I take a client in front of investors, I have to believe that I am delivering a win/win.  My passion and my energy are my greatest assets and these stem from conviction.

If I don't think I can help you, I will tell you upfront and I certainly won't take your money.

Entrepreneurship is a hard journey.  It can break you.  When I work with a client, I work with the whole person.  I have helped many a CEO through a dark night of the soul.  I bring my heart to my work.