Maxwell Consulting

Financing for Startups


When I help a client to raise debt or equity, I do not operate as a middle man.  I represent you, I work on your behalf, I am paid by you, and I will typically take a business card as a member of your team.  I don't make introductions and then take a percentage of your deal.  I will do the heavy lifting to actually make a deal happen.  I charge only for the hours I work on your behalf, and these billings are all I ever expect to receive as compensation.

My philosophy on raising capital is based on the assumptions that bad news travels fast and that anyone who is successful at it will want to do it again.  Compound these assumptions with the basic fact that my ability to assist clients is partly based on my reputation with Venture Capitalists and Angels, and it is logical to conclude that any deal I participate in needs to be based on solid value.  Accordingly, I am not interested in creating pretty pictures for investors.  I am interested in developing concrete Operating Plans and well articulated Business Plans for business opportunities that have a real potential to create wealth and employment.

I operate on a basis of trust, honesty and ethical behavior.  I believe that investors deserve to be told the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  Anything else does a disservice to the whole field of entrepreneurship.  If you are out to make a fast buck, and don't care how you do it, don't engage me.  I will be your worst nightmare.

I can't raise money for an idea or a team I don't believe in.  If I take a client before investors, I have to believe that I am delivering a win/win.  My passion and my energy are my greatest assets when I am representing you.

If I don't believe that I can help you, I will tell you this up front, and I certainly won't take your money.