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Investor Documents

The primary documents used to attract investors are your Executive Summary, your Investor Pitch, and your Business Plan.  All of these documents need to cover the 12 essential topics required of any prospectus.  The Executive Summary is your initial hook, the Investor Pitch is your primary selling document and your Business Plan is the heavyweight validation of the assertions made in that pitch.  These documents must be complete, well organized and cogent.

Your Executive Summary is a Word or Acrobat document designed to be e-mailed to prospective Investors with the objective of convincing them to take a closer look at you.

Your Investor Pitch is an Acrobat or PowerPoint slide presentation designed to support a face-to-face meeting with Investors.

Your Business Plan is a Word or Acrobat document designed to provide the complete story of your investment opportunity and your plan for addressing that opportunity.  It needs to provide a compelling account of the attractiveness of the opportunity, a credible plan of execution and an objective description of the market environment, all of which can stand up to detailed due diligence.

I am an expert at writing these documents.  I combine four elements to construct the story:

  1. The economics, critical assumptions and execution plan embodied in the Excel-based Operating Plan
  2. Detailed interviews with the management team
  3. Intensive market research
  4. Intensive competitor research

Our objective is to produce a compelling story that is consistent from begining to end, and signals a high degree of preparation and professionalism on the part of the management team.