Maxwell Consulting

Financing for Startups


"Bruce has been a key factor in our success.  He built an airtight operating plan, supported us through financing and continues to advise us on key strategic issues.  We consider him a part of the team and doubt we would succeed without him."  - Matt Harris, CEO, Volantis


"I hired Bruce to assist us in preparing our business plan for VC funding. Bruce quickly and cost-effectively came up to speed in both strategic and operational issues in my company and industry, and was instrumental in putting together a first class business plan that was effective in raising the needed funds." - Todd Mozer, Chairman & CEO, Sensory, Inc.


"We have a strong team, and Bruce's contribution made us stronger. Investors look for technical and market knowledge. Bruce brought keen financial expertise and added a laser focused approach to how we thought about our business. His ability to present our numbers clearly and comprehensively helped to model the pitfalls ahead of us, and let us take advantage of the economic opportunities within our space." - Michael Sears, CEO, Chronadio, Inc.