Maxwell Consulting

Financing for Startups

BruceMaxwell.2Expert services include:

  • Development of highly sophisticated Financial Models to drive Financial Projections, Budgets, Forecasts, and Valuations.
  • Guidance on the entire process of starting a new venture
  • Help with raising debt and equity
  • Business model design and pricing
  • Cash flow forecasting

I am a specialist in the art of starting and financing new ventures.  I have helped to launch over 150 companies. I have made over 650 pitches to venture capital firms around the globe and raised over $90 million in equity.  I am also an entrepreneur in my own right, having founded four companies and led one of them to $40 million in sales and 450 employees.  Clients range from single entrepreneurs seeking to get out of the garage to established firms seeking to raise private equity.  My heart goes out to anyone with the courage to step out on that plank and found their own company.

For clients looking to raise capital, I don't just "make introductions."  I do the heavy lifting required to model the business, optimize the strategy to be articulated to investors, create financial projections, and write the pitch deck.  I will guide the management team along the entire journey from finding investor prospects to closing a deal.

I typically function as a Fractional CFO for your company, although my skill set encompasses every major executive role.  I have seventeen years of direct operating experience as CEO of my own companies.  I am a Fractional CFO by choice because it gives me a chance to work with the next generation of entrepreneurs.

I never ask for a percentage of your deal.  I never ask for a retainer.  I charge for my time, and nothing more.


Bruce has the rare talent of understanding both technology and finance and making it accessible to customers, partners and employees...Bruce is highly ethical and always does the 'right thing'. 
- David Zack, Technology Director, Oxford University Press