I am a consulting CFO.  This website describes my practice.  The primary skills I provide to my clients are:

I am a specialist in the art of starting and financing companies.  I have made over 500 pitches to Angels and Venture Capital firms and raised over $68 million in equity.  Clients range from single entrepreneurs seeking to get out of the garage to established firms seeking to raise private equity, devise next year's budget, build a forecasting model, or acquire another company. 

For startup clients, I can manage the entire process of modeling the business, creating an Operating Plan, optimizing the strategy to be articulated to investors, creating Financial projections, writing  the business plan and other investor documents and guiding the management team through the process of meeting with investors and closing a deal.

For established firms, I can provide similar services for raising additional debt or equity and can also assist the company in developing Budgets, Forecasts and Valuations.

The best evidence I can offer for the value of my services is this:  of the 55 clients I have served through 2007, 49 have offered me a permanent position as CEO, COO or CFO. 

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